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Tempe Apartment Plan Returns Revised

Rendering of the previous Crescent Rio proposal. The new proposal reduces the number of units by 40 percent, from 356 to 209. Credit: Crescent Communities

By Chris Coppola for The Arizona Republic

A Tempe apartment proposal that was pulled by the developer after strong objections from residents and City Council members has been scaled down and resubmitted to the city.

The project, located west of downtown, is one of two recent proposals that raise questions of whether larger apartment buildings should be allowed outside of downtown Tempe’s urban core and closer to traditional neighborhoods.

The revised plan for Crescent Rio reduces the number of proposed apartment units, which would be built on the north side of First Street, just east of Hardy Drive, by nearly 40 percent, from 356 units to 209, according to Crescent Communities, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based developer (AZBEX, Dec. 15, 2015).

In addition, the proposed height of the apartment buildings in the new proposal is reduced to four and five stories, compared with the six to seven stories proposed in the original plan, pulled by the developer in late February.

The project’s location is west of downtown Tempe, but outside the city’s designated urban core area that allows for the highest residential density. The original project sought to amend the city’s General Plan to allow for higher density in the area.

The 3.2-acre site has offices and light-industrial uses on the site.

Attorney Charles Huellmantel, who represents the project, said the new proposal is an entirely redesigned project that incorporates feedback from residents.

The proposal will be heard by the city’s Development Review Commission, which will make a recommendation to the City Council for a final decision. A commission hearing date has yet to be set.

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