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Scottsdale Eyes Equestrian Facility Plan

Courtesy of City of Scottsdale

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

In an effort to revitalize the equestrian-centric nature of the area around Cactus Road and 68th Place, Rancho Paraiso, LLC, has submitted plans to the Scottsdale Development Review Board for a 6.25-acre private horse boarding, training and rehabilitation facility on the intersection’s southeast corner.

The city approved a Conditional Use Permit in April to combine three existing lots into one property for the facility. All three will be extensively refurbished under the plan.

Currently, Rancho Paraiso’s north lot is used as a boarding and training facility. The middle lot features a home, stables, exercise area and horse trailer parking. The south lot has a home, pool and supporting structures. The single-story ranch home on the middle lot will remain and be extensively remodeled to house a ranch manager. The manager will act as a 24-hour caretaker.

Existing mare motels and horse barns, as well as concrete horse trailer storage areas will be removed, and two new barns will be built, along with exercise and training areas. The barns will offer 33 12’x16’ stalls and five 24’x16’ stalls. The larger stalls may eventually be divided down to 12’x16’ in the future.

Manure storage, insect control, ingress/egress and landscaping have all been designed to minimize impact on surrounding properties. According to the submittal, numerous meetings were held with neighbors to identify and mitigate concerns about the proposal around the time of the CUP approval.

The project narrative states one of the ranch’s particular areas of appeal will be its status as a rehabilitation facility. The plan claims that, despite the importance of horses in Arizona and Scottsdale culture, there are few, if any, such facilities available. Services will include an aqua treadmill, saltwater spa and covered exercise area for rehabilitation and sport horses.

As a private facility, Rancho Paraiso will not be open to the general public or host public events. A maximum of eight students per day will be allowed for riding lessons or individual training.


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