RFQ Issued for Lucid Phase II Expansion

Credit: electrek.co

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX

The City of Casa Grande has recently issued a Request for Qualifications for the second phase of the Lucid Motors Electric Vehicle Facility – also known as Project Gravity.

According to the RFQ, Casa Grande is looking for, “professional architectural, structural engineering and building code compliance services to support the Building Official in the review and processing of the various building plans associated with Phase two.”

Phase one of the Lucid Motors Factory was completed in December 2020 and consisted of a 990KSF building that included manufacturing, assembly, storage, and central utility plant areas, as well as 1,098 parking spaces.

Phase two will expand on that and will include approximately 2.4MSF of mechanical and industrial space consisting of:

  • ​Body in White Expansion
  • Stamping Plant
  • General Assembly
  • Powertrain Plan
  • General Warehousing
  • Several supporting & auxiliary structures

Phase two will also include 3,000 parking spaces.

The City is looking for firms with experience in creating/reviewing building plans associated with vehicle manufacturing. The selected firm or firms will provide services including:

  • Weekly calls/meetings with Casa Grande and the Lucid team to discuss design and construction issues.
  • An accelerated review of building plans for the Building Official and for the design-build review process.
  • Development of code compliance solutions.

This RFQ is a qualification-based selection process. Interested consultants must submit a Statement of Qualifications. According to the RFQ, “Consultants may also group together in a joint venture and submit single SOQ.”

No pre-submittal meeting has been scheduled for this RFQ, and all Statements of Qualification must be submitted to the City of Casa Grande no later than 2:00 p.m. on April 16th. Questions must be submitted via email at least five days before the SOQ due date.

The project is anticipated to have four total phases planned through 2028, expanding the factory’s size to approximately 5.1MSF. Phase two will be constructed with the intent to build a Lucid Motors SUV in 2023.

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