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PHX Prepares for T4S1 Concourse Project

Courtesy of City of Phoenix Aviation Department

By Tasha Anderson for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The City of Phoenix held a brief business information meeting at their Aviation Department building on Thursday, June 15 for more than 40 prime contractors and SBE firms to discuss the Sky Harbor Terminal 4 South 1 Concourse project.

The project, a $250M, 220KSF concourse to expand Terminal 4, was deemed necessary by the City of Phoenix to increase gate capacity and relieve terminal and concourse constraints and to enhance the quality of the customer service experience.

“Our numbers are up. We are at, in 2015-2016, 44.2 million passengers being served,” said B.A. Golston, Aviation Project Manager for the City of Phoenix, illustrating that the concourse expansion is important in serving the growing number of passengers using the airport.

Throughout the meeting, Golston gave attendees an inside look into the City’s expectations of performance from contractors and subcontractors on the project, including input and participation with the aviation stakeholders and the quality of work.

“We’re looking at sustainable construction and good ideas. Put your thinking caps on. We’re looking to do something innovative and creative, so those are the types of things that, to me, make a successful project,” she said, giving prospective contractors in the audience an idea of what will be asked of them while working on the project.

Joanne McLaughlin, Programs Assistant for the Equal Opportunity Department at the City of Phoenix, added to the City’s expectations by saying that they want designs and ideas to add “sizzle” back into the airport experience.

“Let’s put some excitement back. Maybe some architecture that makes people go, ‘Wow! What is that?’” she said.

The project received funding back in October 2016 and is in the planning/programming phase until late 2017. Golston provided attendees with a quick overview of the design and construction schedule, noting that design is anticipated to run from late 2017 to early 2019 and construction from 2019 to 2020.

Toward the end of the meeting, Golston also gave attendees a peek at the CMAR procurement schedule. The RFQ is expected to be issued on July 6 with a due date of July 28.

Any firm that missed Thursday’s meeting but is interested in pursuing construction services opportunities on the T4S1 Concourse project is invited to a second one on Wednesday, June 21 at 3:30pm. Registration is required.

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