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PhoenixMart Issued City Building Permit

Credit: Casa Grande Dispatch

By Kevin Reagan for Casa Grande Dispatch

After much delay, PhoenixMart has been granted a building permit to construct the shell of the project’s main building.

The City of Casa Grande issued the permit June 20 after repeatedly reviewing design plans for the main building that will sit at the center of the project’s 585-acre site, located near Florence Boulevard and Overfield Road.

The permit allows AZ Sourcing, parent company of PhoenixMart, to start vertical construction of the building designed to hold about 1,700 suites, which will presumably be leased out to various wholesalers.

Alan Rindlisbacher, spokesman for Layton Construction, said the Utah-based company decided to terminate its contract with AZ Sourcing months ago. He would not disclose details behind the termination, except to say it was a decision agreed upon by both parties. Casa Grande Planning and Development Director Paul Tice said AZ Sourcing then decided to license itself to be its own contractor and had to get Layton Construction to allow one of its architects to work for AZ Sourcing, adding to the delay.

Representatives from AZ Sourcing could not be reached to confirm this information.

Tice said the city will take on an “inspector” role as AZ Sourcing starts construction, checking to see the project sticks to codes and regulations. The city will also be assisting with installing utilities to the site, which includes the $10 million extension of a 21-inch sewer line east of Interstate 10.

The city entered into an agreement with AZ Sourcing to split the cost of extending the pipeline. Tice said once AZ Sourcing pays its share of the project, that will be a trigger for the project to begin.

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