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PhoenixMart Foundation Permit to Get OK

Photo credit: Kevin Reagan/Casa Grande Dispatch

By Phil Riske for Rose Law Group Reporter

With city approval of a permit to pour the foundation for the PhoenixMart building, the world expo center, which has had fits and starts over the past two years, would be one step closer to going vertical.

“We expect to issue the foundation permit this week, and for work on the building to progress,” Casa Grande spokeswoman Kayla Fulmer told Rose Law Group Reporter on Wednesday.

Work to extend a sewer line to the 565-acre site began several months ago, and the completion of PhoenixMart is scheduled for 2016.

Recent developments have shed a negative light on the project and its parent company, Az Sourcing, a Chinese company

The FBI is said to be investigating a former investor in the company, but no official statement from the agency as to why agents raided company headquarters in Phoenix.

Casa Grande’s investment in the infrastructure enhancements will prepare the city for any future development. Several developers, who did not respond to e-mails from Rose Law Group Reporter, plan residential and commercial projects in the area.

Fulmer said the city has no inherent development plans for the area beyond providing the necessary infrastructure.

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