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Phoenix to Lease 43KSF for Tech Facility

Harrison Properties to Host New Phoenix Police Department Vehicle Technology Service Center

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By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Phoenix City Council is considering a proposal from Harrison Properties LLC to lease 43KSF of a 65KSF building at Buckeye Road and Fifth Street to the Phoenix Police Department for a specialty vehicle storage and technology center.

Among other uses, the department plans to house components of its specialty fleet, such as mobile command centers and dive team vehicles, at the facility, said Jeff Dalton, property manager for Harrison. The vehicles’ technology maintenance, such as changing out and updating on-board computer systems, will also be performed at the location.

Harrison Properties acquired the former landfill, 10-acre brown field site for redevelopment in 2005. It includes the 65KSF building and another 106KSF space.

Tenant improvements for the site have not been finalized or budgeted yet, but Dalton said an office component for staff, an air-conditioned workroom for technicians to service the vehicles, and an open warehouse space to store vehicles and equipment are components of the overall work to be performed.

Kennedy Design Build has been contracted to handle the improvements. Construction is planned to begin around June 1, and it is expected the department will begin occupancy Jan. 1, 2016.

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