Peoria Looking at New Era in Water Services

Credit: Independent Newsmedia

As Arizona faces historic water cuts due to supply shortages and droughts, Peoria Water Services staff will conduct a water loss audit, update the City’s integrated master plan, and take part in pilot projects and studies in an attempt to ensure preparedness.

Arizona is expected to see cutbacks in its water supply from Central Arizona Project in the next year. While Peoria would not be immediately directly affected, officials have stated the need to be prepared for whatever water issues may arise in the future.

Water shortages are ranked on three tiers. Peoria and other Municipal and Industrial users would not be affected until Tier 3. There are no Tier 3 shortages currently expected.

One near-term impact Peoria and other cities can expect is that the cost of CAP water will rise. The City has added an additional $1M for water costs in the upcoming Fiscal Year 2022 budget.

Officials say Peoria has sufficient renewable supply for the moment and is well-positioned in terms of projected demand. The city has planned for multi-year reductions and has stored water for future years.

Water planning is a regular function of city staff projections, and staff is preparing for a future that could contain larger and longer lasting reductions.

In the next year, Peoria’s goals include turf reduction, adding water staff, conducting a water loss audit and participation in pilot projects and studies. It will also start its integrated master plan update and 100-year assured water supply renewal designation.

In the next one-to-three years, reclaimed water delivery will be expanded to Paloma Park, and new, low-impact development standards and procedures will be developed and implemented.

Over three-to-five years, new water management strategies will be developed, as will enhanced Capital Improvement Program investments. (Source)

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