Old Dominion Freight Rolls into Mesa

Credit: City of Mesa

By Sammy Williams for AZBEX

Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. of Thomasville, NC announced plans to develop a 19-acre site located on the SEC of Crismon Road and Pecos Road in Mesa. The proposed project consists of a 5,450 square foot office building and 47KSF of warehouse space, which will serve as a cross dock service center facility.

In a cross dock facility, transported goods are unloaded from a tractor trailer within the interior dock area for the short term and then subsequently loaded onto another trailer bound for another destination in the Phoenix area or to the broader national market.

The 60-foot wide interior space has 103 doors and one ramp, and “the intention is not to store goods or materials outside in the yard enclosure, but to transfer goods from one truck to another in the cross dock building space,” according the application.

In terms of access for drivers and employees, the developer proposes constructing two driveways onto Pecos Road from the site.

“The driveway to the north of the site will be used for inbound traffic only and the one to the south will be used for outbound traffic. The site plan also shows there will be a security gate at the entrance of the property,” the developer stated in the application.

The aesthetics of the proposed site are designed to blend in with the nearby industrial landscape and Old Dominion is hoping the project improves the surrounding the community.

“The proposed immense building setbacks of more than 200 feet and the high-quality landscaping along Pecos Road indicate the project’s sensitivity with the surrounding environment. As designed, the overall development will support the nearby airport [Phoenix-Mesa Gateway], grow the jobs base and add value to properties in the area.”

Old Dominion completed a Citizen Participation Process, which included mailed letters to property owners within 1,000 feet of the site, as well as HOAs within ½ mile and registered neighborhoods within a one-mile radius of the proposed property. According to the application, no resident has expressed concerns with the development.

According to their website, Old Dominion has 20,000 global employees with 5,800 tractors and 22,500 trailers on the road.


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