Oasis Theme Planned for Gilbert Bridge Project

Credit: Town of Gilbert/Gilbert Sun News

Ocotillo Bridge – a planned connection between Higley and Greenfield roads over Gilbert Regional Park – will feature a desert oasis theme, as shown in a recent Gilbert Town Council study session.

The bridge will enable improved response times for emergency vehicles and give users direct access to the popular park. A 30 percent design completion is targeted for April. The theme arose from multiple meetings between planners, focus groups and stakeholders, and Council members have been asked to identify their own views on what “desert oasis” means to them.

As currently envisioned, the three-span, 545-foot bridge will feature four travel lanes, as well as bike lanes and pedestrian paths. Initial planning will provide four design concepts, which will then be reduced to two for final consideration. Kimley-Horn is consulting on planning and design engineering.

Gilbert has budgeted $67M for the overall project, with $54M planned for construction of the bridge itself. (Source)


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