Novel 53-Unit Multifamily Planned in Chandler

Credit: City of Chandler

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Owner New Village Homes is planning Brighton Place – a unique 53-unit multifamily development in Chandler near the SWC of Ray and McQueen roads.

On April 4, the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission approved a change for the Planned Area Development from single-family to multifamily, along with a development plan and plat request.

According to the staff memo regarding the project, “The proposal is unique in the sense that the units will be one large building with 3, 4, 8, or 9 individual units connected. While the development is multifamily, the design of the units creates the appearance of individual single-family homes, with visual separation being provided due to the staggering of the residential building to the garages.” Each unit will have a one-car garage with a driveway deep enough to allow for two additional vehicles. A total of 199 parking stalls will be provided.

Reviewers were pleased with another somewhat unusual aspect of the development. “While the units are all connected, the design team has done a good job in ensuring that each unit presents a different architectural style,” the memo notes. There are three floor plans, and four elevation styles are provided per plan. There are six stone colors and 10 roof tile designs.

Each apartment will be three-bedroom and cover approximately 1,200SF. Amenities include a large retention basin at the front of the development for passive activities and an internal secondary amenities area with a “tot lot play area”, a ramada and seating space.

In recommending the project for approval, the memo stated, “Planning Staff supports the request citing that the design team provides a unique and attractive development that takes advantage of a difficult infill site. Being cognizant of recent multifamily developments, the design team took the approach of creating individual separated units creating the appearance of single family homes and implementing a design that creates a unique neighborhood.”

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