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Modular Data Centers More Energy Efficient

Graphic credit: IO Data Centers

By Hayley Ringle for Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix-based IO Data Centers LLC and Arizona Public Service Co. spent a year evaluating the performance of IO’s modular data center compared to its typical raised floor environment to see which model was more energy efficient.

The modular data center was found to be significantly better in energy efficiency and cost savings, demonstrating a 44 percent reduction in energy waste and a 19 percent energy cost savings, said Patrick Flynn, IO’s group leader of sustainability.

The IO Phoenix data center is one of the largest multi-tenant data centers on the west coast.

The estimated cost reduction amounted to more than $200,000 per megawatt of IT power load per year based on the site’s electricity rate at the time, which was 7 cents per kilowatt hour, according to the study’s findings.

This is the first time a study that compares these two types of data centers has ever been done, Flynn said.

The company released the 21-page technical white paper on the detailed study results on its website this week.

The study was conducted over a year’s time in 2012, with the help of DNV Kema (now called DNV GL), a global energy services firm who provided the third-party validation.

The study was conducted in Phoenix, where IO operates a 587KSF data center.

The study found that the traditional raised floor data center had 1.73 PUE (power usage effectiveness), while the modular data center had a 1.41 PUE.

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