MOB/Micro-Hospital Planned for Flagstaff

Credit: Dalke Design Group/City of Flagstaff

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 

Developer, Cypress West Partners recently submitted plans to the City of Flagstaff for a new combined medical office/micro-hospital building on 4.66 net acres at 1895 N. Jasper Drive. 

The project, called Cedar Medical Collaborative Phase 2, is located within the McMillan Mesa Village Specific Plan development area “F”. Apricus Health, an Arizona healthcare company, is applying for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a micro-hospital in part of the proposed building.  

Cedar Medical Collaborative is proposed as a 44.7KSF building with 27.7KSF of medical offices and 17KSF of ancillary micro-hospital space. 

According to the project documents, “, approximately…62 percent of the Facility will consist of medical office space for independent physicians to provide a variety of medical services from diagnostic imaging to outpatient surgeries.” 

The other 38 percent will include six-to-eight emergency rooms for triage and examinations, along with eight to 10 patient rooms for stabilization and recovery. “While the micro-hospital will be equipped to provide most levels of care, it is primarily intended to serve as an initial triage facility where patients will be examined, in some cases treated, and then discharged to another hospital for care,” the documents state. 

The building’s design will incorporate exposed masonry block, limited stucco elements, earth tones and three types of window elements for a dynamic look. 

The project will also include approximately three areas of civic space totaling 19.1KSF. The first space will be located at the NWC of the site to connect to the Cedar Trail along Forest Avenue. The second space will be located on the east side of the building and the third space will be located alongside the pedestrian access to the south. All of the spaces will contain picnic tables and landscaping for a comfortable, inviting experience for visitors. 

Access to the building will be from two new ingress/egress driveways that will be constructed along Jasper Drive. “Two patient pick-up/drop-off zones are provided: one on the west side of the building for the medical offices and another on the east side of the building for the micro-hospital,” the documents explain. The main entry will be located on the east side and an ambulance loading area will be located on the north side to avoid street exposure. 

Approximately 175 parking spaces will be distributed around the building with most located on the northwest portion. Twelve bicycle spaces will also be provided. 

The documents state that the project will be constructed as a single phase along with all necessary site improvements. 


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