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Mesa Parks Bond Set at $65 Million

By Gary Nelson for The Arizona Republic

Mesa voters are likely to be asked in November whether to borrow nearly $65 million to build new parks, enhance old ones and add recreational trails.

The City Council has until July 9 to call the bond election, but City Manager Chris Brady would rather not push such a major decision to the last minute. He asked the council to study the matter over the next few weeks and decide no later than July 2.

The $65 million would fund a still-evolving set of projects over the next four years. Some are visionary; others would merely freshen up neighborhood parks for which the most commonly applied word is “tired.”

The city must replace the federally-funded Riverview Golf Course with parkland of equal value, imposed because the golf course and its next-door park. With the golf course now making way for a Chicago Cubs stadium, Mesa must build the replacement parks soon.

The gradual deterioration of many parks during more than half a decade of recurring budget cuts.

The final price tag is only about half the $131 million it would have cost to build all the parks-related iMesa proposals.

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