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Mesa Eyes Smart Growth Community Plan

Courtesy of City of Mesa

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Once the end of the line for light rail, nearly 21-acres around Mesa’s Sycamore Station are poised to become a signature development area under a Smart Growth Community Plan currently under review by the city.

The proposal by developer Miravista Holdings will create seven parcels in a transit-oriented neighborhood featuring a mix of multifamily, townhomes, retail, commercial, senior living and parking facilities.

Sycamore Station, north of Main Street and Dobson Road, was once the end of the line for the Valley’s light rail system. With the 2015 extension of the system to Mesa Drive, the park and ride and bus transfer functions around the station have changed, and the area has become under-utilized.

The plan intends to create a new community within a pedestrian shed of a quarter-mile radius of the station, with walkways and thoroughfares to promote multi-modal transportation and minimize vehicular traffic. By adding significant density to the area, the plan intends to create a destination local that will increase property values and spur further development.

Nearby Webster Elementary School has come out in favor of the development, since the increased in population will add to enrollment and keep it closer to its desired capacity.

The first component will be the creation of a three-story community parking facility to serve the development and replace the existing park and ride surface spaces. Upon completion, the structure will be given to the city.

The preliminary plan calls for the seven parcels to be arranged as follows:

  • 2 mid-rise multifamily buildings of 300-400 units
  • A Main Street mixed-use/townhouse building with 35-50 units
  • A townhouse and courtyard building with 35-50 units
  • A parking garage
  • A 3-5 level, 125-200 unit senior living complex, and
  • An extended care/educational building that may serve as a possible expansion for the Arizona College facility on Dobson.

Phasing has not been finalized for the development.

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