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Macayo’s Makes Way for Multifamily

Courtesy of City of Phoenix

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Wood Partners plans to build a 225-unit multifamily apartment complex on 3.3 acres at the northeast corner of Central and Indianola avenues in Phoenix.

While the departure of the iconic Macayo’s Restaurant pyramid currently located at the intersection has drawn most of the attention, very little has been reported on the new residential development.

The plan calls for a 65’ building with ground floor entrances facing both Central and Indianola. Sidewalks are set back from the streets by 15’ and will include trees between the curb and sidewalks to provide a comfortable environment for pedestrians and encourage the “urban forest” aesthetic promoted by the city’s Walkable Urban Code.

Capitalizing on its location in the Midtown Transit Oriented Development District, the property, “provides a blueprint for fully achieving the transformative potential of light rail in a sustainable manner,” according to the city’s staff report on the proposal. “Changes advocated in the plan can lower transportation costs for residents, create new business opportunities, encourage active, healthy lifestyles, ensure Phoenix increases its competitive advance in the global marketplace, and improve prosperity by growing the economy in locations with existing infrastructure and public services.”

Landscaping will include date palms, cathedral oak and Texas mountain laurel with winter blaze and agave and prickly pear accents, among others. Proposed finishes are brick with desert greens and deep reds with metal faces on balconies and window trim.


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