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HUSD Facilities Need $25M Upgrade

By Nanci Hutson for Daily Courier

If Humboldt Unified School District was to simply fix and renovate its 10 school facilities so that they are “functionally” suitable as a learning environment for children, the price tag would be just under $25M.

The Governing Board on December 10th was given a full report from a third-party contractor, ADM Group, that did a thorough inspection and review of all district facilities to determine needs, giving a priority listing of what should be done immediately and what projects can be spread over seven years. The report breaks down the cost totals in three categories: campus improvements, $19M; safety and security, $1.5M; mechanical and roofing, $4.15M.

The goal was to have a completely, independent survey board members can utilize along with staff recommendations about what steps, and what projects, need to be tackled next.

The two highest-cost schools were Bradshaw Mountain High School at $8.7M and the district’s most historic school property, Humboldt Elementary in Dewey, at $3.6M.

Roofs, resurfaced parking lots, redesigned security-focused front entrances and exterior painting to prevent leads and mold were listed as top priorities at several schools. Restroom upgrades to accommodate students with disabilities were also deemed a necessity at a couple of the elementary schools.

ADM official David Peterson did a school-by-school rundown of projects. The new construction proposals include the need for a performing arts auditorium at the high school; a new gymnasium and new kitchen at Humboldt Elementary; a renovated locker room at Glassford Hill Middle School and renovation of one of the old buildings at Liberty Traditional School.

Board members were not shocked by the final tally, but admitted the list adds up to “a lot of money.” They all agreed they will need to have more conversations about how such to accomplish these projects. The Governing Board attempted a $15M bond a year ago but did not secure enough votes.

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