How Forest Restoration May Move Ahead

Credit: Centre for Sustainability and Excellence

U.S. Forest Service officials still plan to re-divide Phase 2 on the Four Forests Restoration Initiative contracts for northern Arizona into smaller, more easily managed pieces.

The Service canceled the contract approximately a month ago. Officials say they still plan to see more than 880,000 acres mechanically treated under 4FRI.

Officials recently presented an outline for the next 20 years under the plan and said they expect a final decision on how best to proceed later this month after more meetings with stakeholders.

Problems with the previous contract included money for road and bridge upkeep in the project area.

Forest officials have identified more than 134,000 acres as a top priority for thinning, which they hope to have treated within five years.

Following that, 412,500 acres will be treated via timber sales.

Another 334,000 acres will be treated mechanically. The method of contract implementation and distribution is still under consideration, but there may be another request for proposals. (Source)

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