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Glendale Approves $632M Budget Limit

Photo credit: Nick Oza/The Arizona Republic

By Peter Corbett for The Arizona Republic

The Glendale City Council on May 26 set its 2015-16 budget spending limit at $632M, despite council worries that the police and fire departments will remain understaffed.

Glendale’s overall budget for the fiscal year starting July 1 is $632M, down 2 percent from the previous year, primarily due to refinancing of the city’s bond debt. The city’s operating budget of $383.9M is up 4 percent from last year.

The budget increase will fund:

  • $3.2M in information technology improvements, including software applications and $400,000 for police body cameras.
  • $1M for a 2.5 percent employee pay increase, not including police and fire union members.
  • $4.5M in increased payments to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, pushing the total to $20M.

The council set the spending limit Tuesday, but the final budget adoption is scheduled for June 9.

The council can makes changes within the budget but cannot exceed the $632M limit.

The budget allocates $125.3M in capital-improvement projects for the coming fiscal year. That includes $45M for transportation and streets, and $29M for water and sewer projects.

The city’s 10-year, $792.6M capital-improvement plan includes $45.6M for a Westgate parking garage, but that project is not included in the 2015-16 capital-improvement funding.

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