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Glendale Airport’s Growth Taking Off

Glendale Municipal Airport is going through major improvements, especially for pilots. Photo courtesy of Glendale Municipal Airport

By Steven Totten for Phoenix Business Journal

The Glendale Municipal Airport has spent this past year making major improvements throughout its space, especially for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Thanks to grants from the Federal Aviation Administration and Arizona Department of Transportation, the airport has put new asphalt and paint on its tarmacs, which is part of a five-year plan to improve surfaces used by airports.

Ken Potts will be ushering in those improvements and others as the new airport administrator. Potts replaced Walt Fixx, who retired in July.

Glendale Airport is also seeing major business happening in its hangars. The largest operator, Glendale Airport Hangars, currently has 103 individual hangar condos and 11 acres of development land for sale.

Glendale Municipal Airport representatives said in a statement that pilots from across the country are purchasing many of these hangars.

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