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Gilbert Eyes 41-Bed Congregate Care Facility

Map courtesy of Town of Gilbert

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Gilbert is reviewing plans for a 36-unit, 41-bed congregate care facility on the south side of Guadalupe Road between Recker and Power roads.

Two buildings will be constructed separately. The first, on the east side of the 1.5-acre lot, is planned for approximately 11KSF and 19 units. Phase 2 will eventually follow with an approximately 9KSF of building space for 17 units. Pending the necessary approvals, construction for Phase 1 is planned to begin around June or July.

The B Green Beehive project is planned to offer a residential look and feel in keeping with surrounding uses. The two buildings will be separated by approximately 60 feet, with a single driveway running in between.

In addition to landscaping at the street frontage, a decorative view fence will be constructed for resident security and privacy while preventing the project from feeling closed off or cloistered.

In a memo to the mayor and council, the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce voiced its support for the proposal, saying the parcel would have difficulty attracting any other commercial use and that the facility will provide jobs and services to the community.

The last development application for the site was more than 11 years ago for an office project that was never built.

Green Healthcare Services is the owner/developer. Architect and GC information was not available at press time.

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