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Flagstaff School Bonds Go To Voters

By Hillary Davis for the Arizona Daily Sun

Flagstaff Unified School District approved the call for election to seek a public vote on $20.8M in bonds.

The money, if approved by voters, would be spent on building repairs and renovation along with technology replacements and upgrades, vehicles for student transportation, and furniture and equipment.

If voters are not approving this time around, FUSD will have to pay for critical repairs and renovations out of the operating fund, which pays for people and programming.

Taxes won’t go up, as the board committed to selling new bonds only as old ones are retired.

According to a statement from FUSD on why the bond election has been called, the state has cut more than $10 million from the district’s budgets and withheld about $22 million of “building renewal” funds since the 2006 bond election. FUSD expects to receive no state building renewal funding in the next five years.

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Table Courtesy of AZBEX

Proposed use of bond dollars




Technology Replacements and Upgrades


Student transportation vehicles


Furniture and equipment