Flagstaff Pushes Lower Aura Project Unit Count

Credit: ORB Architecture/City of Flagstaff

A recent vote by Flagstaff City Council could scrap a planned 160-unit apartment development before it begins.

At issue is a zoning request from developer Trinsic Residential Group to build Aura Flagstaff on an 11-acre parcel bisected by High Country Trail. The current owner wants Trinsic to restrict access to a two-acre portion north of High Country Trail to maintain the family’s use of the land and preserve a historic homestead it has owned since before Arizona statehood.

Opponents and several Council members objected that portion of the request, claiming the restricted access makes the actual development site nine acres, rather than 11. Consequently, the requested 160-unit count is too high for the requested medium-density residential zoning. A maximum of 137 units would be allowed for the site at nine acres.

Some residents of the nearby Ponderosa Trails neighborhood have been vocal in their opposition despite the City’s push to increase both market-rate and affordable housing stock.

Trinsic had already reduced its desired unit count from an initial plan of 197 units and included multiple open space and public amenity concessions. Under the 160-unit proposal, 20 units would be designated as affordable housing. At 137, the affordable unit count would drop to 16. Trinsic representatives have said the lowered unit count would make the project unviable.

Council ultimately voted to approve the zoning request but with the lowered 137-unit count. A final decision on the proposal is expected to be on June 15th. (Source)

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