Flagstaff Considering 2022 Project Bond

Credit: City of Flagstaff

Flagstaff City Council has begun discussions on a possible November 2022 bond election that would fund municipal projects under a secondary property tax.

Council identified project needs earlier this year, and a citizens committee will begin exploring bond options next month.

Key items from Council’s infrastructure retreat in September included funding for housing, climate actions and an Alternate Response Care Center.

Specific potential projects discussed in this month’s meeting include:

  • A pedestrian underpass from Florence Street to Walnut Street,
  • A north-south Flagstaff Urban Trails System,
  • The Southside Community Civic Space, and
  • Flood control in the Museum Fire Flood area.

Council members discussed how to present the bond request and debated which projects were crucial for the 2022 election and which could be placed on future ballots. Also discussed was the possibility of packaging some bond requests together to avoid “voter fatigue.”

The Citizen Bond Committee will likely produce a summary of potential bond items by October, which will then be presented to Council for review and approval. (Source)

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