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Ducey Requests $600M For AZ Projects

Gov. Doug Ducey is asking President Donald Trump to consider including a dozen proposed Arizona projects, including a widening of I-10, for the president’s planned $1T infrastructure program. Credit: Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic

By Yvonne Wingett Sanchez for The Arizona Republic

Gov. Doug Ducey is asking President Donald Trump to consider a dozen projects for his proposed $1T infrastructure program. Without the improvements, lives could be lost, children’s health could be compromised, roads could continue to crumble, and a bridge could collapse, the governor warned.

Ducey’s $495M list is centered on highways and roadways and a bridge on Interstate 15 in the northwest part of the state. The governor wants to widen Interstate 10, saying several bottlenecks disrupt commerce and “safety improvements” should be made to decrease injuries. That project alone could cost anywhere from $160M-$250M.

He wants to widen to four lanes State Route 260, which is in the north-central part of the state, and U.S. 93, which connects Phoenix to Las Vegas. The price tags on those projects are estimated at $80M.

The governor estimates it could cost up to $40M to fix pipes that have leaked untreated sewage in Nogales and the Nogales Wash.

Ducey is also asking for about $64M to test school water for lead, fix school air conditioners and test rubber floors that contain mercury.

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