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Downtown PHX Grocery Vision Takes Shape

Credit: RED Development

By Brandi Porter for DTPHX

By the end of 2018, Downtown Phoenix will have what office workers, residents and businesses have long asked for: an urban grocery store. That, and so much more (AZBEX, April 8, 2016).

The project is being headed up by RED Development, which built CityScape Phoenix in 2010.

The Fry’s Foods store is just one part of a larger mixed-use project, which will feature a high-rise residential and a mid-rise office tower on a lot that has been stagnant for 25 years.

Officially and colloquially known as Block 23 — the site area spans Washington to Jefferson streets, First to Second streets, and is well known for hosting the Super Bowl fan activities in 2015.

Despite what some of have speculated, this isn’t going to be some big box store.

The grocery store will anchor the corner of First Street and Jefferson at the base of the above parking structure, atop of which will reside creative office space (think open floor plans and high ceilings). Retail and restaurant storefronts will line Washington, First and Second streets.

RED’s vision for the project is to create an open and inviting facade. Jeff Moloznik, vice president of RED Development, emphasized that they want to create an authentic urban experience with active ground floor and retail/restaurant space.

Next Steps

RED Development is tirelessly working to get the project moving. They’ve been touring other stores around the country, including stores in urban parts of Los Angeles and Denver.

Before construction can begin, an archaeological excavation must occur. But don’t worry — that process is routine and won’t delay the opening date, as they’ve already built it into the timeline.

For Moloznik, and Fry’s Foods, they want to open as soon as possible, by the end of 2018 to be exact.

“Everybody has expressed an interest and a desire to have a grocery store downtown,” Moloznik said, “and I don’t think we’d have one if it wasn’t for that drumbeat.”

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