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Demand Drives Construction Worker Need

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By Sonu Wasu for ABC15

With the demand for new homes climbing, there’s a big need for people to build them. The construction industry has been booming, but home builders and contractors are having a tough time finding skilled workers to do the job.

Some of the reasons for the shortage of work crews in Arizona include the political climate.  The construction industry is traditionally run by foreign labor. In Arizona, Texas, and California there are primarily Hispanic workers. Toll Brothers home builders, division president Bob Flaherty said that most of the workers are legal, but the political climate had pushed the labor market into other states.

Arizona is trying to lure construction workers back into the state by promising a 15-20% higher salary than other states.

Industry experts said during the real estate boom, there were more than 60,000 new builds in the metro Phoenix area. During the housing market crash that fell to about 6,000. Now the market continues to be on the upswing, with about 18,000 to 20,000 new builds, but the labor market has not rebounded.

At its height about 250,000 skilled workers had jobs in the state, today there are about 140,000 jobs that still need to be filled.

Most job postings state they’re hiring immediately with no experience needed.

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1 Comment on Demand Drives Construction Worker Need

  1. Your Average Joe // September 12, 2016 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    1st of all, the GLARING contradiction and misrepresentations in this article MUST be addressed.

    No employer should be hiring ILLEGAL workers which is represented in this article as being a reason for the lack of construction workers in the State. That’s patently false. The problem is the soft recovery, not pushing back against hiring ILLEGAL workers. It is a federal CRIME to hire illegal immigrants.

    There are NOT 140k jobs waiting to be filled in Arizona in the construction industry. We haven’t RECOVERED up to the 250k mark. There’s a big difference in how that’s presented.

    Are there no Editors who check for accuracy in statements being made?

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