What will be Presented at the Upcoming BEX 2022 Forecast Event?

By Rebekah Morris and BEX Staff for AZBEX

We take the deep dive into our topics. The BEX Construction Activity Forecast Event is where we showcase the results of our research every year and apply it in a program that benefits everyone who wants to see what is really going on in the local market.

What will be presented?

  1. Overview of the Arizona Construction Market – Statewide construction activity has been increasing by more than 10% YOY since 2017 and total activity topped $19B in 2020. Industry employment is hovering around 174K jobs. The BEXperts go deep to see how these metrics have changed and what we can learn from 15+ years of historical data.
  2. What makes up the Arizona Construction Market? How much of the construction market does housing represent? How do public works & infrastructure compare to private development? Are these three broad categories – Housing, Infrastructure, Private Development – growing at the same pace? The BEXperts will provide the answers.
  3. Whether you are active in road construction, multifamily or healthcare, the BEX Construction Activity Forecast event has you covered. Proprietary and exclusive data will be presented on the following market sectors:
    1. Healthcare
    2. Education – K12 & Higher Ed
    3. Industrial
    4. Housing
    5. Office & Retail
    6. Transportation
    7. Public Spaces
    8. Utilities
    9. Hospitality
  4. Within each market sector, BEX presents the following key metrics:
    1. Last year’s activity and whether it is growing or contracting
    2. Top Projects
    3. Top Owners, Design Firms & General Contractors
    4. Projections for future activity & Analysis of the Sector
  5. Rolling up market sectors into an outlook for the total market, the BEXperts detail our projections for the next three years of Arizona Construction Activity (link, etc.), filtering out all the noise and showing audience members what to pay attention to in the coming year(s).

Why trust the BEX research? The BEXperts are the local industry experts. They live and breathe detailed project research, finding and following up on hundreds of individual projects each week. They keep detailed records and maintain the DATABEX platform with all major construction projects in it. Using this ground-level research as the basis for the Forecast Event presentation, the information presented becomes the foundation for the most comprehensive view of both today and tomorrow in Arizona Construction.

You won’t find this level of detailed, hyper-local focused market intelligence anywhere else. Don’t delay, register today!

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