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DATABEX Subscription 1-3 users

Choose your plan

Select your payment preference below. Each option is a yearly commitment subscription. You can pay one time or select monthly payments for a year. (Discount for one time payment only)

Set up your account

Fill in the onboarding form for your firm and then assign the licenses to the people in your account. Next pay by PayPal or request and invoice. After you have submitted the form, we will create your account.

Create your password

After your payment is finalized you will receive an invitation to set up your password. Then login and start searching. You can request one-on-one training with your subscription r join a bi-weekly webinar.

Limited Time Offer!

For New Subscribers
$ 1,750 a year
  • Up to 3 users
  • Save $500 the first year

Pay Monthly

1 Year Commitment
$ 225 a month
  • Up to 3 users

*This monthly subscription renews automatically on the same date each month. We do require a one-year commitment to the BEX Database, after which the subscription can be canceled at any time.