COVID-19 News Round-up for June 19

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Budget, Policy & Stimulus News 
Mesa Allowing Permit Extensions 
Mesa is allowing developers and builders to extend construction and development permits as well as planning and zoning approvals because of the impacts of COVID-19. (Source: Rose Law Group Reporter) 
Peoria Figuring out CARES Act Allocations 
With an expected $20M in AZCares funding expected, Peoria’s plan is to put at least some of the moneyin the pockets of residents and business owners. A June 2nd study session unveiled a rough plan to help businesses and residents. Andrew Granger, a Peoria deputy city manager, later said city staff members are working on specifics for the $20M. (Source: Peoria Times) 
Economic News 
Offices, High-rise Markets Face Impacts 
The workplace and public health upheavals of COVID-19 could have some longer-term impacts on office space and commercial real estate development. Craig Krumwiedepresident and CEO of Harvard Investments said public health concerns over the coronavirus challenge high-rise office buildings in more densely populated markets. (Source: Rose Law Group Reporter) 
Pandemic Will Accelerate Property Repurposing 
In many ways, COVID-19 is accelerating transitions that had already been occurring in the commercial real estate world. Ultimately, Newmeyer Dillion partner Mike Krueger predicts that COVID-19 will force “some very creative repurposing of properties. We’re going to see very creative developers come in and repurpose those properties for their next use. At this stage, we don’t even know what the best use of some properties will be.” (Source: 
Updated Municipal Operations Information 
Rose Law Group has updated its listing of municipal services access and operating hours as of June 16th. (Source: Rose Law Group Reporter) 

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