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Council Opts for I-40 Kingman Crossing

Kingman Crossing involves the construction of a fourth Interstate 40 traffic interchange in a mostly undeveloped area of Kingman east of Andy Devine Avenue, bounded by I-40 to the north, currently undeveloped sections of Prospector Street to the east, undeveloped Airfield Avenue and state trust land to the south, and undeveloped Sage Street and a UniSource substation to the west. Credit: Daily Mine

By Doug McMurdo for Daily Miner

The Kingman City Council on April 12 reversed its March 15 decision on where the next Interstate 40 crossing will be built and picked Kingman Crossing over Prospector Street.

The Council had chosen Prospector because it would initially be less expensive – $6-plus million versus $9-plus million – but on Tuesday Councilman Larry Carver, who voted for Prospector Street as the point to open access under the freeway in eastern Kingman in March, said he requested the issue be revisited because “I didn’t consider the $7M in savings.”

Carver was referring to plans to make Kingman Crossing the next traffic interchange along I-40 and staff estimates that putting in the access road now would cut about $7M from the estimated $25M cost of the interchange.

To be clear, the current issue has nothing to do with the proposed Kingman Crossing planned development, but with improving access for motorists and emergency responders in eastern Kingman. Still, staff in its recommendation said choosing Kingman Crossing Boulevard over Prospector Street could “kick start” development on both sides of the interstate.

Even that decision is not without heartburn as the road will dead-end where it meets a large tract of state land, which will force drivers to jog left or right. Staff was directed to write a letter to the Arizona State Land Department for permission to extend the road through the property at approximately the midway point.

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