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CMAR, Collaboration Prove Perfect for Pinnacle Peak Project

The Pinnacle Peak Road widening and storm drain improvements project consisted of: roadway widening from two lanes to four with a left turn lane; construction of a storm drain system; and a new 40-acre retention basin and box culvert.

AZBEX_PROFILESBy Rebekah Morris for the Arizona Builder’s Exchange

The Pinnacle Peak Road widening and storm drain improvements project, between 45th and 55th avenues, required major stakeholder input and collaboration to best meet their widely varying concerns and desired outcomes.

The project consisted of: roadway widening from two lanes to four with a left turn lane; construction of a storm drain system; and a new 40-acre retention basin and box culvert. The owner was the City of Phoenix, the design engineer was Hubbard Engineering, and CSW Contractors, Inc. served as CMAR.

Many Stakeholders + Many Requirements = Tough Road to Go Down

Stakeholders included not only several departments within the cities of Phoenix and Glendale, but also Maricopa County Flood Control District, Maricopa County Parks & Recreation Department, private property owners, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, the 500 Club Golf Course, and utilities such as APS, Century Link and Southwest Gas. Additional stakeholders included the Arizona Model Railway Society, Victory Lanes, Wet & Wild, and PKRA Formula K Raceway.

With a large number of participants with vested interests, CSW Contractors had their hands full trying to solve so many issues within the project constraints. They met this challenge head on.

For instance, while CSW was working to lower existing waterlines at an intersection, the City’s Water Department made additional improvements while the lines were accessible and the project had traffic controls in place.

“We believe the project was successful due to collaboration between government agencies, utilities, contractors and Maricopa County Parks Concessionaires,” said Angie Hardesty, CFM, ROW Permit Specialist at MCFCD. “CSW Contractors Inc. did an exemplary job maintaining communication with all of the project members through the duration of the project.”

“We are pleased with the professionalism shown by all participants and their dedication to completing this project,” she added.

The construction team also did minor tasks outside the original scope of the contract, such as, digging a short run of trench for the water department and improving a deteriorated block wall, all because of the good relationships and collaborative approach on the project.

CMAR Contract Crucial to Project Success

The contract delivery method proved vital to the success of the project. The City of Phoenix recommended a CMAR contract to ensure that the project atmosphere stayed positive throughout that other stakeholders interests would be accommodated in a reasonable manner, and that lines of communication stayed open.

CMAR best suited this project because the team could more easily work together to find the best solution for the project vs. the individual.

Regular Communication and Collaboration Key

The project team held regular meetings with key stakeholders and frequently communicated with them about project progress and potential issues. Through these regular meetings, issues were resolved before they became hurdles or major roadblocks to the project success.

For instance, one private property owner became vocal about a tree adjacent to her property, which was to be removed as part of the project scope. Through regular communication, the team rescheduled its work until the property owner could be appeased about the project benefits and ultimately be supportive of the outcome.

Similarly, a new Church Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints project was being constructed close to the Pinnacle Peak Road project. During one month, hundreds of thousands of visitors were expected to tour the new facility. The Pinnacle Peak Road project team collaborated with the LDS construction team to provide traffic control and schedule modifications to provide the least impact to those visitors and make their project celebration a success as well.

Project Focus & Solutions-Based Approach

The project team invested considerable effort and resources in planning, pre-construction, and design to make the project a success. The team approach enabled compromise from all parties, knowing that a successful project means everyone leaves happy.

No stakeholder was excluded from the process. Rather, all were engaged from the start with a collaborative process focused on creating the best possible end result for all.