Chandler Tables Rezone for Assisted Living Project

Credit: City of Chandler

By Tasha Anderson for AZBEX 
The City of Chandler has voted to continue a discussion to allow the development of a new long-term residential care facility to June. 
Assisted Living provider, Everlasting Community Services is requesting to rezone the 4.8-acre site at the NWC of Chandler Boulevard and Juniper Drive to an Amended Planned Area Development to allow for the facility. They are also requesting site layout and design approval. 
According to the city’s May 6th Planning and Zoning Meeting documents, “the site was initially zoned in 2001 for a custom mixed list of light industrial, commercial, and office land uses as part of the larger 30-acre Stellar Business Park.” It has since been amended to add additional uses. 
The project, called Everlasting Services, is proposed as a two-building, 160-bed rehabilitative care center with a focus on traumatic brain injuries. The long-term residential care facility will allow for residents to stay between one month and 10+ years. The buildings consist of a two-story main care facility building and one-story “casitas” building for more independent residents. 
Everlasting Services is expected to be built in two separate phases. Phase one will include the construction of the first floor of a 48.8KSF main care facility building, as well as the 2.1KSF casitas building. Approximately 100 beds will be provided in this phase. All landscaping, outdoor amenities, parking, and site improvements will be completed as well. 
Phase two will include a 16.3KSF addition to the first floor and another 16.3KSF addition to the second floor of the main care facility which will provide 60 additional beds to the development. 
The development’s design will include the use of concrete panels, stucco, composite wood siding, painted structural steel and metal accents. The roof comprises, “A staggered flat parapet roof line with intermittent standing seam metal shed projections and butterfly roof at main entrance.” 
Amenities include several open courtyards, a fitness path, pedestrian connection to Desert Breeze Park and a port-cochere allowing for easy access to the main entrance for residents. A total of 55 parking spaces will also be provided. 
The project was heard at the City of Chandler’s May 6th Planning and Zoning meeting and continued to June 3rd in order to, “address opposition from the Stellar Airpark community  that was submitted immediately prior to the meeting,” the documents state. The project was also meant to be heard at the city’s May 28th City Council meeting but was continued to June 25th. 

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