Chandler Considering Intel Infrastructure Improvements

Credit: City of Chandler

The City of Chandler is considering $30M in new infrastructure investment to support Intel Corp’s Semiconductor Fab Expansion.

Intel’s expansion is currently underway and planned to complete in 2024. It has an estimated total price tag of $20B. The new facilities, however, will need enhanced roads and expansive volumes of water.

Chandler City Council is considering a development agreement with the company for public infrastructure financing and construction to support the project.

The agreement would have the City spend $12.1M for additional water rights to ensure Intel has enough potable water, a total of 3.1 million gallons/day.

Chandler will design, build and fund the water infrastructure improvements and develop a system to also deliver 11 million gallons/day.

The City will seek funding via the Public Infrastructure Master Agreement through the Arizona Department of Revenue. Intel will reimburse the City if the State pays less than the expected amounts.

In addition to the water projects, Chandler will spend up to $10M to improve the intersection of Alma School and Ocotillo roads to accommodate the sites’ expected traffic volume. (Source)


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