Camelback Self Storage Brings 800 Units to Glendale

Credit: City of Glendale

By Sammy Williams for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

GYS Development of Colorado Springs is preparing to accept the decluttered possessions from Glendale homes and businesses in this era of tidying up.

The developer announced their intent to build Camelback Self Storage at 5025 N. 99th Avenue, on the NEC of 99th Avenue and Camelback Road in Glendale. The three-story facility will house 700-800 unconditioned and conditioned units.

The nine-acre parcel, owned by MGPC, LLC of Phoenix, will be subdivided as part of the Cornerstone on Camelback Planned Area Development. Camelback Self Storage will cover a 2.58 acre section of the property, with a perimeter floor area of 34KSF, total building area of 102KSF and building height of 45 feet.

In an effort to blend in with existing businesses, the developer has, “taken great care to design the exterior of the self-storage building to include muted earth tone colors, architectural and cornice banding, glazing at building entrances to provide a commercial storefront appearance, windows on each building floor and cantilevered metal canopies at the building entrances.”

The application goes on to say, “No exterior storage will be permitted on the self-storage parcel. To provide ease of access for storage customers, the first floor of the storage building will provide drive-up/exterior entrance storage units which will be accessible via the paved perimeter access drive which encircles the facility. All other storage units will provide for secured interior unit access. The facility will provide secured access to all storage units through security monitoring and site management practices.”

Before customers can enjoy those amenities, however, the developer would need approval of a change to the PAD.

The PAD was proposed to, “include a mixture of uses within the context of continuous and safe pedestrian links, lush landscape, creative hardscape materials and design features. The PAD proposed a hotel, restaurant, and bank, all of which were developed and are operating currently.”

According to the City of Glendale’s Planning Commission meeting notes from February 7, “the subject property is zoned PAD and will remain PAD if the proposal is approved. The primary change to the PAD includes adding self-storage warehouses as a Permitted Use, subject to an 110KSF maximum total allowance within the entire PAD.”

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the PAD changes, however, no timeline was set.

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