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AZBEX Database



Use the AZBEX Database to leverage your strategic Business Development efforts to find accurate project leads and contacts in the A/E/C industry from Arizona’s local and dedicated research team.

The AZBEX Database is an online tool that enables users to search through the most relevant information, from thousands of contacts to hundreds of public and private projects with a construction value of $5M and above.

We offer a feature rich experience that includes company profiles, procurement information, industry analytics and much more. Contact Rebekah Morris at (480) 709-4190 or today to request a demo and for pricing details.

Check out the detail of information!

We research and store all project information from early planning to project completion. And you can get notified of every change in between. Our database keeps track of project statuses, project contacts, procurements and all the owners, design firms and general contractors working in our industry for reference, history and forecasting. This powerful tool is key for Business Development Professionals in the Arizona A/E/C industry. Request a demo today and see how it can help your company.

Detailed Project Profiles