Order your copy of the FY2021-2022 CIP Special Report Today!

This is the 11th year BEX has tracked CIPs.

BEX staff starts tracking CIPs in the draft stages in March, publishing articles about major programs as they move through the approval process.

This year, we’ve not only picked up major projects from the planning documents of more than 25 agencies, but we’ve included the department contacts. Additionally, the CIP “books” are highlighted and saved for your researching pleasure.

In addition to the print copy of the report, we include digital copies of our project spreadsheet with additional notes and details, as well as the highlighted CIP “Books” from each agency covered in our report.

The CIP Special Report was released in person on the date of the 2021 Public Works Conference, Tuesday, October 26th. If you are not planning on attending the Public Works Conference, the CIP Special Report will be shipped out on Wednesday, October 27th. The price of the CIP goes up $100 on Wednesday, October 27th.

$399 - Order FY21-22 CIP Special Report Today!

$399+$8 Shipping

Sample COntent

The CIP Special Report is a collection of top projects from 25-30 public entities’ Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs) in Arizona with contact info for department heads and contracted design firms & prime contractors on each project.

What’s included?

  • The CIP Special report Book (Hard Copy)
  • One thumb drive with all the digital files including highlighted top projects from each agency’s CIP and the excel spreadsheet will all the project information
  • Department head contact information & contracted design firms and prime contractors on each project

Who Benefits?

  • Any design/planning/contractor interested in public projects
  • Business development staff
  • Senior management/long-term planning officers

Why rely on BEX?

  • Extensive project tracking experience
  • Dedicated, AZ-Local research staff
  • Dozens of entities and hundreds of projects in one convenient, attractive publication