AZBEX: Showing our Growth

As many of our readers have noticed, AZBEX staff has grown tremendously in the past few years. Nearly doubling since 2015, the talented team now sits at eight strong, plus our ever-fearless leader Rebekah. Recently we’ve made some organizational shifts to more align actual roles and responsibilities with titles.


1. Rebekah Morris— President: “After eight-and-a half-years, I get a promotion. Yippee!” she states. Always self-deprecating, Rebekah now takes on the more appropriate title of President and Founder. What started as a publication only has grown far beyond that, and this upgrade in title is long overdue. She will continue to be the driving force behind new services that will help clients build their businesses.

2. Rachel Pratt (Kettenhofen) — Vice President of Operations: As Employee #1 by seniority and longtime contribution to the company, Rachel is being promoted to Vice President of Operations. Through years of diligence, hard work, and developing her talents as a graphic designer, web developer, anything a micro-business needs for IT, HR, and creating a relational database from nearly nothing, she has undoubtedly proven herself capable of running the entire organization. Not to be outdone, long-time love Randy Pratt recently promoted Rachel as well, from Fiancée to Wife. Congratulations Randy & Rachel!

3. Roland Murphy — Editor & Communications Director: Long responsible for the editorial content of the twice-weekly digital magazine, Roland’s new title adds the Communications Director portion, indicative of the work he’s been doing to create informative and fun marketing messages for the whole suite of services AZBEX provides.

4. Lya Parrish — Research Manager: Lya has also been a driving force behind the success of the AZBEX Database, building the system on the back end while also pushing the quality that users see, ensuring the information subscribers receive is always accurate and timely. Her new title is reflective of the role she has already taken on by managing the quality of the research team.

5. Tasha Anderson — Assistant Editor & Researcher: Tasha has been exploring her passion for writing, contributing articles since last year and covering the monthly Leading Market Series since they began early in 2018. She has demonstrated her savvy for finding the best articles for our readers, coupled with her dogged research tactics developed on the database side. Her new title is reflective of her dual role with the company — contributing to both the digital magazine and searchable database.


6. Kristen Amado — Researcher: Kristen had served with distinction as our Office Administrator for quite a while and proven invaluable in terms of getting our processes organized and streamlined. When her husband accepted a job in Chicago, we knew we didn’t want to lose her talent and abilities, so we migrated her to the Research team so she could work remotely and still remain part of the AZBEX team.

New Hires

7. Amanda Murray joined the AZBEX team as Office Administrator, keeping all things running smoothly with magazine distribution lists, renewals, database access and much more. Amanda’s background as a school teacher is incredibly helpful, bringing a sense of process and order to a frantic office and, often, rambunctious staff.

8. Kristen Miraglia has come to AZBEX as Events Coordinator, bringing fresh perspective and ideas to our events. Her background as a wedding planner adds a level of organization and attention to detail that was previously missing in the AZBEX repertoire. Her diligence in securing the right speakers and making sure our events run smoothly to provide a great value to the attendees is only going to enhance AZBEX events moving forward.

9.  Lauren Holcombe is the newest addition to the AZBEX team, coming to us as a talented and enthusiastic Marketing Coordinator. She most recently worked at Cushman & Wakefield on a brokerage team. Her background of marketing and graphic information technology is already bringing value to the team. She will be in charge of graphic design for the digital magazine, website design and event collateral.

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