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AZBEX Launches New Searchable Database

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By Rebekah Morris for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

You asked, we listened. AZBEX is proud to launch the searchable database application, going live on August 1, 2016. This software as a service is a cloud-based platform, a custom relational database of market information thoroughly vetted by the AZBEX research team.  Modules include projects, contacts, companies, and procurements.  The system is compatible with in house CRM systems, fully importable with project tracking tools already in place in your firm.

Better Research = Better Results

Users benefit from a deeper understanding of the market – the database allows the ability to research target clients, cross-referenced with projects they’re working on, and identify market trends and opportunities earlier than their competition.

Database users can create more targeted and effective proposals that can be used internally to present an opportunity to upper management, or to propose on projects direct. The depth of research available to database users is unrivaled. Subscribers can amplify their research and Business Development efforts by digging deeper on major projects, key clients and more.

Over 165 projects, each with construction value over $10M, and more than 1,000 relevant project-related contacts are available as of August 1. Within 3-6 months, the lower limit of construction value will drop down, eventually ending at about a $2M minimum valuation.

Firing on All Cylinders

The database will make the AZBEX publication stronger with better reporting of major projects. Starting next week, look for project updates direct from the AZBEX database. An icon will let you know that additional research is available. <<<INSERT ICON>>>

Information from the publication feeds into the database, along with additional research not available at publication time going into the application.

All the AZBEX service lines work together to provide better opportunities to you. From the publication, to in-person events and the database application, all our efforts are directed at enabling our clients to spot the best opportunities for them.

Early Adopters Benefit the Most

Imagine if you could have all our research staff working for you and nobody else – what could that do for your business? That’s what early adopters are realizing – they benefit the most from having less people looking at the same information, they can pursue opportunities before the competition gets wind of it.

In addition, we are completely committed to building the best product available on the market. Subscribers have a tremendous impact on how we add features and build capabilities into the software. If you want to have tools at your disposal that are exactly what you need, then AZBEX is what you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about how the AZBEX database can help build your business, or would like to request a demo, please contact Marissa Dobaldo at 480-272-5506.

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