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Attendees Get Sneak Peek at AZBEX ‘Coffee’

Publisher Rebekah Morris and staff demonstrate features of the AZBEX publication. Credit: AZBEX

By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

A full house of attendees got a tutorial on how to best use AZBEX products and services at last week’s “Coffee with the Publisher” event with AZBEX Publisher Rebekah Morris.

Morris kicked off the event with introductions. Staff members briefly explained their duties so attendees would know whom to contact for help with specific problems.

She then launched into her presentation of how the publication is assembled twice a week, what sections serve what purpose and how subscribers can best spend their time in using AZBEX to help them find and win business opportunities.

In addition to the publication, the company also recently launched a searchable database of major products in the Arizona region and regularly stages industry events to allow attendees to network and to get detailed information on specific trends and developments.

The next event is the half-day AZBEX 2016 Public Works Conference at the J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley, which will feature presentations by owners, design firms and other key players on public works projects around the state.

Of particular interest to most attendees was the extensive project information contained in the recently launched database. Morris and Creative & Research Director Rachel Kettenhofen gave a guided tour of several different projects, demonstrating the scope of information and breadth of detail available to users.

At present, the database lists projects with valuations of $10M and up. Plans are in the works to expand the scope to $5M projects.

Subscribers can search for information from more than a dozen different data fields in any combination, including project name, project owner, valuation, square footage and market sector. Planned updates include the ability to subscribe to specific projects and receive email updates when new details are added.

Several attendees expressed surprise at the extent of information staff members review and compile for subscribers on a daily and weekly basis. Morris explained how she and her team review meeting minutes, development packets and bid notification, attend events, contact project staff, research and write original content, and review and aggregate news stories from other outlets around the state to generate information subscribers can use to find business opportunities, which, she said, has always been AZBEX’s primary purpose.

Audience member Tammi Corbeil of SERVPRO received several nods of agreement when she said, “I’m floored at how much work and effort you put into doing what you do. AZBEX has got it going on!”

Keep following AZBEX for details on the next Coffee with the Publisher event and other industry information from around the state.

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