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ASU’s $113M Research Building, ITSB4, Opens

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

ASU’s Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4. Image courtesy of Sundt Construction.

Arizona State University unveiled its most expensive building to date with the completion of the $113M Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4 (ISTB4), a collaborative facility shared by the university’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, Security and Defense Systems Initiative and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. ISTB4 is 293K SF in seven stories, including one underground level. The building features laboratories and educational exhibits on the first two floors.

The public will be able to see scientists, researchers and students at work on projects in the lower floor labs. A replica of the Martian rover, Curiosity, greets visitors at the entrance. ASU has scientists and alumni working on projects involving Curiosity as it travels the surface of Mars.

Sundt Construction, Inc. served as the construction manager at risk for the project, working with the design teams of HDR and Ehrlich Architects.

ISBT4 Designed for Sustainability and Collaboration

The facility reflects ASU’s emphasis on bringing together different research groups to benefit from each other’s knowledge while minimizing the number of independent labs spread out across campus. For example, scientists doing research are being placed in a facility with engineers who can assist them. ISTB4’s labs and offices are deliberately located in separate parts of the building to encourage users to walk through the open corridors, creating opportunities for them to socialize and interact with one another.

The project design supports the university’s commitment to sustainability, beginning with design specifications guided by the U.S. Green Building Council’s requirements for LEED Silver certification, with the potential of earning LEED Gold. Design specifications of ISTB4 exceed American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards for energy savings by 49 percent.

Additional sustainable features of the project include: an upgraded building envelope with R-30 roof and high-performance glass; high-efficiency light system with occupancy sensors; occupancy-based control of variable air-volume boxes in the office areas; an active lab air-quality management system; variable air volume fume hoods; use of the campus cogeneration plant and more. In addition to its high-level functionality and efficiency, ISTB4 offers an inviting and contemporary research environment. The facility makes extensive use of natural light, glass and sleek interior finishes, while the exterior is mainly glass, bronze metal panels, and masonry.