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Arizona to get 11-acre Wave Park

Credit: Monsoon Lagoon

By Elise Shelton for Surgenights

If you ask me, Phoenix pretty much has it all: art, music, nature and nightlife. The only thing missing is a beach…

But, come 2021 all of that is changing because- drumroll, please…


Well, sort of.

In reality we’re getting a new wave pool. But, this 11-acre wave pool will be something you don’t want to miss.

With the newest advancements in technology this park will house wave machines that are capable of generating “1000 waves per hour and can hold up to 90-100 surfers at any given time” according to the Monsoon Lagoon website.

The owner, Jerry Lehman, is looking to breathe life into and develop the surf culture of Arizona with this new park. His 11-acre manmade beach will be the go-to resource for all things surf-related. The facility will even hold competitions for pro and amateur surfing, bodyboarding, as well as long boarding.

Other Features

On-site activities include outdoor volleyball courts, a fitness trail for running and biking, outdoor fitness equipment, a gym and rehab facility.

Monsoon Lagoon will also offer accommodation pods sponsored by brands like Quiksilver and Hurley.

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