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Arizona Gets $28M from EPA for Water Issues

By Eric Jay Toll for The Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Arizona’s Water Infrastructure Finance Authority received $27.8M in two grants from the EPA—$9.5 million for its Clean Water State Revolving Fund and another $18.3 million for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, both aimed at providing water pollution control and drinking water projects.

Wastewater treatment projects can tap funds from the clean water grant and use these funds, along with local sources—such as impact fees, capital bonds, and enterprise funds—to increase the money available for projects. The drinking water revolving fund helps generate capital monies for build projects for domestic water treatment and delivery.

The EPA has awarded more than $240M to Arizona for the clean water fund. Leveraging the money, state agencies have been able to raise $1.4 billion in the bond market. State agencies using the drinking water fund raised $713M by leveraging just under $300M in EPA grants.