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Amanda Murray


Market Researcher

1. ASU class of 2014! I bleed Maroon & Gold! Whoo! SUNDEVILS!!!!
2. I have a brother with the same birthday but we’re not twins… 
3. I lived in Puerto PeƱasco with my nana for a year before I started elementary. 
4. My 10 year old says I’m funny. 
5. I love to write! I want to be an author when I grow up.
6. I don’t have a sense of smell from when I broke my nose learning to ride a bike. But my sense of humor compensates for it. 
7. I AM NOT a morning person! And my brain literally can’t comprehend how someone. is able to wake up and be chipper in the a.m.
8. One bucket list item is to be a contestant on The Price is Right! 
9. The idea of being kidnapped is still very real to me, even as an adult. 
10. Hidden Talent: I prefer to socialize in gifs/emojis and Office & Spongebob references. I feel like they really capture the essence of what I’m trying to portray.