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ADOT Copes With Falling Revenue

By Joyce Lobeck for the Yuma Sun

In some bad news for Arizona’s transportation infrastructure, the need over the next several years far outstrips the revenue that will be required to fund it by billions of dollars.

The 25-year revenue forecast is $26.2B, Megan Kintner, public affairs manager for the Arizona Department of Transportation, reported to the Yuma City Council during a presentation this week. This represents a sharp decline in both state and federal revenue raised through gas taxes as people turn to more fuel-efficient vehicles as well as a significant drop in vehicle registration taxes and fees.

On the flip side, meeting Arizona’s transportation needs to 2035 has a price tag of $88.9B, she said. That’s the amount of spending required to achieve defined performance benchmarks for highways, bridges, aviation, freight rail, intercity passenger rail and transit.

That represents a 25-year revenue gap of $62 billion, Kintner pointed out.

This is resulting in a dramatic philosophical shift for ADOT, she said, with more focus on highway preservation and modernization and a much smaller share of the revenue pie dedicated to highway expansion. The allocation to highway expansion of 76 percent of the revenue will shrink to 27 percent while highway preservation will increase from 14 percent to 34 percent and highway modernization will go up from 10 percent to 29 percent.

Modernization projects, such as lighting, signage and shoulder work, will make roads safer, she added.


Yuma County ADOT Projects for 2013

Ave. 3E. Bridge over rail road                                                                                                                                              $7.8M

Hwy. 95, Ave. 9E to Aberdeen Corridor. Widening from 2 to 5 lanes                                                                          $1.6M

Hwy. 95 and Fortuna Rd. Construct roundabout and 600-foot bridge over Fortuna Wash                                   $18.3M

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