100% Affordable Project May Advance in Flagstaff

Credit: Architectural Resource Team/City of Flagstaff

A Foundation for Senior Living proposal to create a 100% affordable housing development and parking garage in downtown Flagstaff is scheduled to go before the City Council in early 2022.

If developed, the project will replace two current structures and provide 146 affordable units. The two four-story buildings and associated parking will occupy most of the city block.

Project representatives explained the plan is a collaboration between the Foundation for Senior Living, Catholic Charities and the City.

Construction will come in two phases. Phase I will begin in June of next year, with Phase II scheduled to start in fall 2023. Phase I – San Francisco Square – will be 70 units targeted at seniors. Sixty units are planned as one-bedroom, with an additional 10 planned as two-bedroom.

Phase II – Aspen Lofts – will be developed in collaboration with Catholic Charities and target a variety of family types. The plans call for 37 one-bedroom, 20 two-bedroom and 19 three-bedroom units. Residents will be provided with 55 parking spaces, and an additional 97 spaces will be sold to the City for public use.

The apartments will encircle the parking structure and hide it from public view.

The project may be the first to take advantage of special exemptions Flagstaff put in place earlier this year to encourage affordable housing development. (Source)

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