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Yavapai College to Consider Spending $3M on Campus Housing

By Lisa Irish for the The Daily Courier

Original Headline: Yavapai College Board Mulls Dropping Student Housing

The Yavapai College governing board will decide at its Sept. 11 meeting whether to renovate residence halls or end student housing.
Photo Credit: Matt Hinshaw/The Daily Courier

As Prescott College students move into a brand-new housing complex across town, Yavapai College is thinking about getting out of the student housing business. The college, based on a Brailsford & Dunlavy report is facing $3M in improvements to its three residence halls—two of which are 40 years old.

The college’s district governing board will consider its position on providing on-campus student housing at its September meeting. They may decide to move forward on suggested renovations to the residence halls, or they may decide to “exit” student housing, said Clint Ewell, vice president of finance and administrative services for Yavapai College.

“It’s sort of a point of order on housing,” said Mike Lange, director of marketing and communications for Yavapai College. “The board wanted to make sure they had an established position before considering spending the money on renovations.”

Brailsford & Dunlavy found there was not a large amount of affordable housing in Prescott for students, and that “we could charge a reasonable rate that would be affordable for students, and pay back the investment we made in the residence halls over a period of time,” Ewell said.

“To renovate two buildings, we have a budget of $3 million,” Ewell noted. “So we would do renovations on one residence hall one year, the other in the second year, and in year three we’d decide to either replace the third residence hall or tear it down.”

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