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Tucson to Get Boxcar Bar and Dining Venue

An artist’s concept shows the proposed Boxyard on Fourth Avenue in Tucson, which will be made from 10 railroad boxcars. Credit: Cypress Civil Development

By Gabriela Rico for Arizona Daily Star

A growing national trend is coming to Tucson: using boxcars as bars and restaurants.

Local developers are set to start craning shipping containers onto an empty, 12KSF lot along Fourth Avenue. The Boxyard will house four restaurants with communal dining space and two bars, said Brenndon Scott, one of the developers.

Ten containers will be arranged on the site at 238 N. Fourth Ave. The restaurant’s kitchens will be housed in 20-foot containers and the bars in double-stacked 40-foot containers. Other containers will serve as indoor seating around a courtyard. The outdoor area will be temperature-controlled and have shade structures.

A small old building on the site will be preserved and repurposed at the request of the neighborhood, Scott said.

Scott plans to capitalize on that and sign only one-year leases with restaurants so the cuisine is always changing.

The developers are in negotiations with several restaurants, Scott said.

All restaurants will be local.

The site will only have a handful of parking spots, but a large area for bicycle parking.

The Boxyard got a variance from the city because it is in the redevelopment district. An open space will house events, such as yoga classes or concerts, and a bocce ball court.

There will be enough seating for about 150. For concerts, it will accommodate up to 200.

Barring any hiccups, the Boxyard is expected to open by the end of the year.

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