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The AZBEX Digital Publication is where it all started. Published twice weekly and sent by email, each issue contains a wealth of industry information and arrives directly to your inbox. Sections Include:

ArticlesArticleThis first half of the digital magazine consists of articles, both original and aggregated, covering a host of relevant topics including: Private and public projects in planning and development, industry trends and reports, budgets and funding, legislative actions impacting the industry, and economic development news. This section allows readers to get out in front of projects before they hit the street and it’s too late.



This section includes hundreds of open project opportunities broken down and color coded into the following categories: Planning/Design/Inspection/Consulting, Development, Horizontal, Utilities, Commercial, Sub-Bid Request, Alterations & Maintenance, and Products & Equipment. All solicitations include the project number, a link to the original documents, due date & time, plus more.

BidsBid results

One of the most popular sections in the AZBEX Digital Magazine is our Bid Results & Awards section. Published once a week (Friday), this section contains bidder, RFQ, SOQ, RFP lists, along with the results of final awards. We include final valuations as well as links back to the source documents if still available. Similar to our projects bidding section Bid Results is color coded by market sector.


Like our Bid Results section, our Permits Issued section is also published once a week (Tuesday), and contains all commercial building permits in Arizona with a valuation of $500,000 and up.

Other Sections

Other sections include an Industry Calendar, containing only local, in-person events; Classifieds; Commercial Real Estate transactions; Industry Professionals update; and Arizona Projects making news.

Interested in subscribing to the full version of AZBEX?  Awesome!

We’d love the chance to speak with you about whether our services would be a good fit.  Call Marissa Dobaldo at 480-272-5506 or email at for more information.

Our rates are consistent, we charge by the number of persons in your Arizona office. If you’re just looking for a rate sheet, we get it. Unfortunately, if you’re just looking for the lowest rate it’s easy to look right past the highest quality available.

Here’s what you might consider beyond just low price:

  • How many local researchers does your lead service employ?

    AZBEX has a team of four full-time researchers, as well as additional part-time staff dedicated to finding, compiling, and following up on leads for our subscribers. By the way, we only cover Arizona.

  • How does your lead service gather information?

    While we won’t tell you every secret about how we do this, we will let you in on a secret: it’s intense. It includes relationships, expert-level research, follow-up, and robust systems that keep our team doing the right things at the right time.

  • How do you ensure you’re the first one to report on a project?

    It’s those systems we describe above – we know the very first moment a project will have enough detail to write about. That’s our cue to move forward.

  • What kind of industry experience does the research staff have?

    Almost all our staff has industry experience prior to working at AZBEX. From Architecture, Engineering, to General Contracting, we’ve been in your shoes, we know what you go through every day trying to build your business.


Cancellation Policy

We stand behind the work we do in every way.  If you are not completely satisfied with your investment within the first 30 days, simply let us know and we will refund the entire subscription price.  After 30 days, please provide a written cancellation notice via email or conventional mail  and we will refund any unused portion of the subscription price.


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