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10 Largest Town Lake Area Projects

Immediate Vicinity Comprises 29 Current Projects Totaling 9.8MSF

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By Roland Murphy for Arizona Builder’s Exchange

Since its opening in November 1999, Tempe Town Lake has consistently been one of the Valley’s primary development zones, thoroughly transforming a previously run-down and under-utilized area into a thriving hotspot of corporate skyscrapers, retail destinations, and mixed-use live/work/play developments to rival any of the country’s top locales.

Nearly 20 years on, construction around Town Lake shows no sign of slowing. From the areas immediately adjacent to Rio Salado Parkway to the south and Washington Street and Curry Road to the north, Tempe currently lists 29 active developments in various stages of progress, from 5KSF restaurant and tenant improvements to multi-million-square-foot mixed-use office, residential and retail sites.

Added together, these 29 sites total more than 9.8MSF.

Following is a snapshot of the Top Ten active projects by building square feet according to the city’s October development summary. (Note: Project sizes generally refer to the overall development. Specific phase/sub-project sizes are noted where available.)

tempe-lake-roundup1. State Farm at Marina Heights (Building E – New Construction and Tenant Improvements)
Location: 300 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.
Size: 2.15MSF total; Bldg. E – 480KSF
Type: Mixed-Use Office/Retail
Owner/Developer: Arizona Board of Regents
Status: Building permit issued/construction underway

2. Liberty Center at Rio Salado (Bldgs. VII, IV)
Location: 1850 W. Rio Salado Pkwy. (VII), 1870 W. Rio Salado Pkwy. (IV)
Size: 810KSF (Bldgs. VII), 572KSF (Bldg IV)
Type: Office, Parking Garages
Owner/Developer: Liberty Property Trust
Status: VII – Building permit issued/construction underway; IV – In plan review for building permit

3. The Pier
Location: 1190 E Vista Del Lago Dr.
Size: 1.3MSF
Type: Mixed-Use Multi-Family/Retail
Owner/Developer: Springbrook Development
Status: Plans approved/entitled

4. Mill + Rio
Location: 100 S. Mill Ave.
Development Size: 895KSF
Type: Mixed-Use Hotel/Office/Retail
Owner/Developer: Hayden House Tempe, LLC
Status: Plans approved/entitled

5. Aura Watermark, Tempe
Location: 430 N. Scottsdale Road
Size: 656KSF
Type: Mixed-Use Multifamily/Retail
Owner/Developer: Trinsic
Status: In review for planning entitlements

6. Salt (The Lofts) at Hayden Ferry Lakeside
Location: 260 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.
Size: 525KSF
Type: Multi-Family
Owner/Developer: Oliver McMillan Hayden Ferry Landing, LLC
Status: Building permit issued/construction underway

7. Broadstone at the Grand
Location: 1003 W. Washington St.
Size: 476KSF
Type: Mixed-Use Multifamily/Retail
Owner/Developer: Papago Park Center, Inc.
Status: Plans approved/entitled

8. Jefferson Town Lake
Location: 909 East Playa del Norte Dr.
Size: 418KSF
Type: Mixed-Use Multifamily/Retail
Owner/Developer: Jefferson Town Lake Apartments, LLC
Status: Building permit issued/construction underway

9. Villas at Southbank
Location: 1122 E. Vista del Lago Dr.
Size: 367.5KSF
Type: Senior housing/mixed-use PAD
Owner/Developer: JLB Partners
Status: Plans approved/entitled

10. Broadstone Lakeside
Location: 500 W. 1st St.
Size: 280KSF
Type: Mixed-Use/multifamily
Owner/Developer: Alliance Residential
Status: Building permit issued/construction underway

And there’s more to come…

One project looming large on the horizon for the Town Lake area, though not yet listed as actively in development by the city, is the 871KSF Tempe Biomedical/Biotechnology Campus on Rio Salado next to the Tempe Center for the Arts.

In August, City Council approved a development team consisting of The Boyer Company, SmithGroupJRR and Okland Construction to work with city staff to craft a development agreement.

Keep following AZBEX for news and updates on these and other development projects in Tempe, the Valley and around the state.

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